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Written Assignment 1 Term Project Part 1: E-Marketing Plan Choose a particular type of business and reason why you made this choice. You will need to prepare a preliminary E-Marketing plan (two pages) that should be based on the information presented in Chapter 3, pages 48 to 60. Diagrams on page 51, 54 and 57 elaborate on the topic. You can use the model presented in Exhibit 3.5 (page 55) for guidance on how to present your E-Marketing plan. This is an informal outline to review what you would cover in a formal e-marketing plan with focus on steps 1, 2, and 3 of a seven-step e-marketing plan. The business I choose is a coffee house. The reason behind making this choice is because I am starting a small coffee house in Bushwick New York and believe the situational and research emphasis on this project will help me gain vital information in relationship to my business. Step 1 – Situational Analysis The SWOT Strength- The coffee house is in an area where no other coffee houses of this nature exist. The company renting the space is renting it for free. They would like assistance in helping raise money for their food program in return. Profitability is on our side because of the free rent. Along with these strong strengths we also plan to change it from the ordinary coffee house and enhance making it very “web 2.0.” Linking all our nightly activities to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other applications that many younger (18-35 year olds) is prone to using. This is strength because it will draw attention and free marketing as well as free advertisement of our
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Written Assignment 1 - Written Assignment 1 Term Project...

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