Written Assignment 3 - Heartland Payment Systems Jon...

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Heartland Payment Systems Jon Totaram Marketing with Electronic Media February 19 th 2012
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Heartland Processing Systems is a credit card processing company that makes it possible for businesses and merchants to be able to accept credit cards from potential customers. In 2009 one of the largest credit card crimes of all time would involve Heartland Payment Systems. Theives had access to their client’s information for weeks before they were notified by Visa and MasterCard about the suspicious activity that were going on with their processed payments. The Heartland Processing Systems does most of its processing for restaurants and other small business which put them and their customers in potential danger of not only loosing business but a great deal of security fines and fees and potential lawsuits. In August of 2009 three men were indicted by a grand jury on charges related to plotting the whole ordeal. They had stole more than 130 million credit and debit card numbers and personally identifying information from Heartland, 7-Eleven Inc, and other companies. Heartland Processing Systems agreed to pay MasterCard issuers $41.4 million to settle the claims over the data breach. Cleaning up such a mess could have been potentially much more expensive than any fines or penalties they may have faced. The fact that roughly 100,000,000 Americans credit and debit card numbers had been stolen and leaked seems to be a great reason for them to issue a press realease about the security matter. That number was about one-third the population of America in 2009. Their press release
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Written Assignment 3 - Heartland Payment Systems Jon...

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