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Discussion question: How are the Internet and the Web similar to or different from other technologies that have changed commerce in the past? Technology in comparison to the commerce of the past is very different from commerce in relationship to the Internet and Web. Credit card machines, cash only stores, brick and mortar stores, and door-to-door sales are all commerce technologies and methods of the past. The internet and web are completely revolutionizing these methods and I believe they will all
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Unformatted text preview: soon fade away to the behemoth of commerce that the internet is allow people to access. Where people once would need to go to a physical store to purchase from someone in their neighborhood or community, they are now able to purchase from someone around the world from the ease of their own homes. Clothing, electronic devices, and even food can all be purchased from home, eliminating the need to leave your house. This is a huge difference from the commerce past....
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