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Discussion Topic: Security Issues Discussion question: Give an example of security breaches as they relate to each of the six dimensions of e-commerce security. For instance, what would be a privacy incident? Discuss why you selected the examples you did. Use the information in your course materials as well as outside resources, either in print or online, to prepare your discussion. There are many helpful Web sites that may contain useful information. Be sure to give the sources of all your research, both print and online. The six dimension of e-commerce security are integrity, nonrepudiation, authenticity, confidentiality, privacy, and availability. Each of these dimensions has its own details. Integrity for example has to do with two people involved in the business transaction, is this person transmitting legitimate information? Have there been any alterations without authorization? The list can go on. Nonrepudiation is to make sure that the persons involved in the business deal cannot deny
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