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Unformatted text preview: Discussion Topic: Marketing Strategies Discussion question: Compare and contrast four marketing strategies used in mass marketing, direct marketing, micromarketing, and one-to-one marketing. The four marketing strategies used are mass marketing, direct marketing, micromarketing, and one-to-one marketing. Mass marketing is typical a simple product like Coca-Cola, that markets itself to all consumers, single pricing nationwide and national media messages. Mass marketing is also unidentified marketing like the pizza fliers that are left on ever door in a neighborhood regardless if the house is lactose intolerant, likes pizza, hates pizza, they get a flyer. Compared to the other marketing strategy the key feature in mass marketing is the unsegmented impersonal marketing that is involved in this type of marketing strategy. Direct marketing is like 1-800 numbers that telemarketers use. They market themselves to customers that are segmented, the pricing is typically consistent, and it is aimed at personal...
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