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Discussion 6 - products that are related to the searches...

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Discussion Topic: Paid-Placement Search Engines Discussion question: Discuss the issues surrounding the controversy about paid-placement search engines. Why might consumers object to this practice? Use the information in your course materials as well as outside resources, either in print or online, to prepare your discussion. There are many helpful Web sites that may contain useful information. Be sure to give the sources of all your research, both print and online. The issue surrounding paid-placement search engines is that consumers are going to be offered
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Unformatted text preview: products that are related to the searches that they key in on different search engines. Personally I do not see and issue to it, but to other consumers out there the fact that everywhere possible on this planet people are trying to make money off of them whether directly or indirectly, may seem to get on their nerves. The only controversy I see is that it may upset certain users to a degree that they may all together stop using the search engines services in exchange for one that isnt constantly trying to sell them something....
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