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Discussion Topic: Safe Harbors A safe harbor is a condition of a law or a rule that lessens/removes a company's or individual's liability under some form of regulation, providing that the company or individual acts in good faith within the harbor. Discussion question: For this discussion, go to http://www.export.gov/safeharbor/ and review the characteristics of a safe harbor. Briefly discuss what you see as the key benefits and possible drawbacks for e-commerce enterprises that might use such a practice as part of their business model. Key benefits to safe harbor are that it will open up communication and e-commerce with Switzerland and the European Union. This can open up free trading between customers in Europe and Switzerland alike and increase and online businesses selling potential
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Unformatted text preview: and even there Global market. It opens these businesses up to customers they they may not have been able to reach because of the difference in online privacy laws used in US and Europe. The safe harbor laws could be a potential hinderance as well because customers have more free access and reign over the information that is out there about them than the business do (like in the US). This can cause a mix up of people editing their information and eventually lead to a complete mess for businesses trying to target certain customers and online sales tactics that are formed using the typical online privacy laws in the US. Another drawback could be that the safe harbor laws allow the company to oversea the security of the data security which could cause potential problem aswell....
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