ECO 202 Syllabus - ECO 202Y5Y Macroeconomic Theory and...

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Macroeconomic Theory and Policy Fall 2011, Winter 2012 Department of Economics University of Toronto Mississauga Instructor: Kathleen N. Wong Office Location: Kaneff Center, K114C Office Phone: 905-828-5378 Office Hours: Tuesday, 1-2pm; Wednesday, 2-3pm Email: Course Description & Prerequisites This course will focus on the study of macroeconomics, monetary economics, economic stabilization, capital markets and international monetary economics. Theories of output, employment and the price level in closed and open monetary economies are described; and the costs and benefits of stabilization policies in the context of these theories are identified Prerequisites are strictly checked, enforced and must be completed before taking a course. By attending in this course, you acknowledge that you will be removed from the course at anytime if you do no meet all requirements set by the Department of Economics. For further information, please consult the 2011-2012 Academic Calendar, which is available at the Registrars Office. Course Textbook Macroeconomics (4th Edition), by Olivier Blanchard and David Johnson (ISBN: 9780137148448). Please be aware that should you choose to use an earlier version of this textbook, you are responsible for noting the differences between the earlier edition you choose to use and the edition used by this course. Lectures, Tutorials and Thursday’s Practical The class will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays each week for lecture, from 11:10am to 12pm (Lecture 101) or from 1:10pm to 2pm (Lecture 201). Since the course is waitlisted, you are only allowed to attend the lecture you are enrolled in. Otherwise, this will leave some students without seats. Instruction of new material will officially begin at 11:10am (Lec 101) and 1:10pm (Lec 201), but I will try to begin each class with a mini-review of last lecture’s material five minutes before lecture begins. If you’re able to make it to class 5 minutes before and you find the review helpful, you’re encouraged to come. If you aren’t able to make it, you won’t be penalized as instruction of the new material will not begin until the official class start-time. Tutorials will begin in the second week of the term and will meet regularly throughout the term. Teaching assistants will be present to help answer any questions you may have regarding theoretical concepts or help with solving problems from the tutorial worksheets. These tutorial worksheets are meant to stretch your understanding of the material presented in class, so they will be more difficult than the material presented in class. There is also a practical scheduled for Thursday, from 3pm to 4pm in Kaneff 137. We will be using this time to write term tests and to meet for make-up lectures (if necessary) or review sessions. Meetings during the practical for make-up lectures or review sessions will be announced ahead of time
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ECO 202 Syllabus - ECO 202Y5Y Macroeconomic Theory and...

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