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Syllabus Acknowledgement - forth in the syllabus I have...

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Course Syllabus Acknowledgement Form Course: ECO202 Term: Fall 2011, Winter 2012 Due Date: Wednesday, September 14 th Name (please print): ____________________________________________________________ Student ID: ____________________________________________________________________ By signing this acknowledgement form: I acknowledge that the course syllabus for ECO202 has been posted online and is available for my viewing at the course website on Blackboard. I have completely read the syllabus, and understand and agree to the course policies set
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Unformatted text preview: forth in the syllabus. I have read and understand the policies stated in the University’s Code of Behavior on Academic Matters and Code of Student Conduct and will abide by those policies. I acknowledge and understand that my failure to abide by the course and University policies may have significant academic consequences for which I am solely responsible. Signature: _____________________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________________________________________________________...
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