bibc 102 - Metabolic Biochemistry BIBC 102 Summer Session...

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Metabolic Biochemistry BIBC 102 Summer Session 2, 2011 Instructor: Aaron Coleman, Ph.D. York Hall, room 4070A [email protected] Office Hours: Tues and Weds 12-1 PM Course Text: D.L. Nelson and M.M. Cox Lehninger-Principles of Biochemistry , 5 th Edition Freeman, 2008 (Note that the Lehninger 4 th edition is also an acceptable text; the corresponding page numbers for reading assignments will be posted on WebCT.) Course Objectives: This course will examine the concepts of energy and metabolism, and how they are harnessed and regulated at the cellular and molecular level. We will start by looking in detail at the action of enzymes. We will examine the kinetics of enzyme-catalyzed reactions, the chemical mechanisms through which enzymes produce catalysis, and the regulation of catalytic activity. The remainder of the quarter will focus on metabolism, the various pathways by which biological molecules are broken down to provide energy for the cell, and by which new biological molecules are synthesized. In our study of metabolism we will try to understand how energy flows in the cell, such as in the oxidation of glucose to produce ATP, and how this energy and energy-containing intermediates are utilized to construct new molecules, as in the synthesis of fatty acids from acetyl-CoA. The various biochemical pathways that accomplish this will be examined in detail. We will also look at how the cell manages the free-energy changes that occur in these metabolic pathways, and how these
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bibc 102 - Metabolic Biochemistry BIBC 102 Summer Session...

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