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Exam I objectives

Exam I objectives - Significant figures Predict the...

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Significant figures Predict the monatomic ion formed from a main group element and write the formula of the ion Relation between molecular or formula mass and molar mass Calculate molecular mass of a compound Calculate molar mass or a substance Convert between amount, mass, and number of units using conversion factors Make a balanced chemical equation Use a balanced equation for quantitative study of chemical reactions(stoichiometry) Describe various states of matter Define ideal gas law and its variables Identify alpha beta and gamma radiation Write balanced equations for nuclear reactions Predict whether a radioactive isotope will decay by alpha or beta emission. Or by positron emission or electron capture Understand nature and origin of gamma radiation Understand binding energy per nucleon Recognize the significance of a graph of binding energy per nucleon vs. mass number Understand and use mathematical equations to characterize the radioactive decay process
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