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lecture 2 part 3 - H any" at 1 Gibbs free energy =...

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Unformatted text preview: H... any". at: 1. Gibbs free energy = energy contained Iwithin the system Has compontents ofenthalpy [bonds] and entropy [degree ofrandomness ys organization in ssytern] a. Units: Joules [J] h. G = H -TS a} G = gibbs Free energy In} H = enthalpy, energy contained in chemical bonds of molecule i} Potential energy in bond holding 2 atoms together ii'_l Breaking bond -:- release this energy iii} The more H it has? The more 'bbs free energy iv} Ex. ATP —=r phoprshatfi with negative charges One. Aspn'ngwith a lot of potential energy in bonds between What-es Two. High enthalpy? High lbbrs free energy c} T: tern perature in degrees kelyin EC” + 213.15} d} S = entropy i'_l Dame oforagnization vs randomness in molecules ii] Really: organization vs disorganization iii} if you think about double stranded DNA molecule One. Encodes a gene ys noncoding DNA first. which has higher entropy? Noncocing DNA Second. Coding DNA -3 requirfi E toget seq of DNA that encodfi gene 1. Lower entropy -=- greater organiztion iv} Greater degree of randomness [S] —b the lowerthe gibbs free energy u] Lower degree? Higher ihegihbs free energy vi} Jst lawotTD: Universe tends towards disorder vii} Spatial organiition also matters 2. Standard free energy change [AG‘] a. Intrinsic constant ofhow layorablea reaction is b. A standard free energychange —h- AG” a} this constant elisisforany given reaction at standard conditions c. Standard conditions a] 293% [kehrins] b} 1 M concentration ofall solutfi including reactanh and products it Gases? 1 Atmosphere [ATM] concentration d. More complicated in physio conditions a} 1M Hydrogen -:v- very low pH BIB-C 102 Page II ...
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