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hw2 - potentials(4(10 points Fetter and Walecka 1.16(5(10...

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Florida State University Department of Physics PHY 5246 Assignment # 2 (Due Friday, September 18th, 2009) (1) (10 points) Fetter and Walecka 1.12 (2) (10 points) Fetter and Walecka 1.14 (3) (10 points) Fetter and Walecka 1.15. Note that parts (c) and (d) refer to general
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Unformatted text preview: potentials. (4) (10 points) Fetter and Walecka 1.16 (5) (10 points) Fetter and Walecka 1.17. For the case of the particles, obtain the relationship between the scattering angle and the impact parameter by explictly calculating the appropriate integral....
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