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hw3 - t The gravitational Feld may be assumed to be uniform...

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Florida State University Department of Physics PHY 5246 Assignment #3 (Due Monday, October 5th, 2009.) (1) (10 points) A particle of unit mass is released from rest at a point of latitude λ , and falls under gravity in a medium which produces a retardation that is κ times the velocity. Show that the horizontal deviation at time t due to the rotation of the earth is 2 cos λ κ 3 bracketleftBig κt parenleftBig 1 + e - κt parenrightBig - 2 parenleftBig 1 - e - κt parenrightBigbracketrightBig eastwards, to first order in the earth’s angular velocity, ω . (2) (10 points) A particle is projected northward with speed v at an angle of elevation α from a point on the earth’s surface at north latitude λ . Find an approximate expression for
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Unformatted text preview: t . The gravitational Feld may be assumed to be uniform, and air resistance may be neglected. (3) (10 points) A particle is thrown vertically upward with initial speed v , reaches a max-imum height and falls back to the ground. Show that the Coriolis de²ection when it again reaches the ground is opposite in direction, and four times greater in magnitude, than the Coriolis de²ection when it is dropped at rest from the same maximum height. (4) (10 points) ±etter and Walecka 2.5 (5) (10 points) ±etter and Walecka 2.6...
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