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Assignment 2 - securities which are Equities(Common or...

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Money and Banking Assignment 2 Abdelrahman Zohairy  19-3224 T-14 Question 1: Please answer the following questions on EGX (previously known as CASE): a. What is EGX? Background EGX is the Egyptian Exchange, and it is the only securities exchange in Egypt. EGX was previously known as Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchange. The stock exchange was founded in Alexandria in 1883, then in Cairo in 1903. The EGX best serves its stakeholders  including domestic and international customers with a fair transparent, equal and efficient market  while maintaining integrity and high ethical standards. Role
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The EGX is simply a place where organizations or brokers which act on behalf of the investors,  sell and buy securities electronically. Moreover, these firms or brokers trade three types of 
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Unformatted text preview: securities, which are: Equities (Common or Preferred), Close-end mutual funds, and fixed income (Corporate bonds). In addition, the prices of the shares traded in the Egyptian Exchange are decided by supply and demand. b. What is meant by EGX 30? EGX 30 is an index that is weighted by market capitalization, is calculated by the EGX, and it lists the top 30 liquid and active companies, and these companies must have at least 15% free float (exchange rate in the absence of government intervention) Question 2: Please classify the following institutions into direct or indirect finance institutions; Institution Name Direct Indirect a. EGX b. Misr Insurance c. Citadel Capital Company d. CIB...
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Assignment 2 - securities which are Equities(Common or...

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