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Lecture One M and B Introduction

Lecture One M and B Introduction - affect the economy How...

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Introduction 1 I am Dr. Noha Abubakr I have obtained my degrees from GUC(Ph.d), AUC (M.A)and Faculty of Economics and Political sciences(B.Sc.). I will introduce to you the money and banking course assisted with Ms. Mouchera Karara, Ms. Rania Zaher, and Ms. Silvia Rashad. Money and Banking as a course (Description and Objectives) - What is money? How did it evolve? What are the functions of money? How can we measure money? How does the CBE measure money? -What are financial markets esp. what are financial intermediaries ? We will have special focus on banks . -So we will need to understand what are interest rates ? And how do i-rates behave ? - How do banks give loans and receive deposits ? -Who is the father of all banks ? -What is the role of the Central Bank (CB) ? -How do the 4 main players (CB , Banks, borrowers, depositors)in the money supply process
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Unformatted text preview: affect the economy? How does the conduct of monetary policy affect the economy?-Always try to relate our theoretical study to practical real life through case studies and always relate to Egyptian Economy (e.g. Central Bank of Egypt (CBE)). If time allows we discuss Asymmetric Information problems like adverse selection and moral hazard that face banks with the loan receivers. Text Book: The main text book will be Freric S. Mishkin, The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets.Addison Wesely.(5 th ed-8 th ed.) Course Assessment: Mid-term: 30% Final Exam: 40% Quizzes (best 2 out of 3): 20% Participation and Assignments: 10% 1 For more details refer to course outline....
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