POLS I (9) - Federalists"reform movement"...

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Party History Can be defined by "party system" When party allegiances, power, and control changes significantly The first party system (1789-1824) Political parties begin to emerge from coalitions Federalists (Hamilton) Anti-federalists (Jefferson) Colonial parties never fully developed Fight came over ratification Inadequacies of the Articles of Confederation 1st parties Consist of party in government 4th congress (1795) Members of congress are official referred to by their party labels
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Unformatted text preview: Federalists-"reform movement" Jeffersonian (democratic) Republicans Reform? 1. Inability of congress to legislate directly 2. Military 3. Taxation 4. Lack of a national foreign policy 1796 presidential election Federalists win Major event: Revolution of 1800 - DR take control of government from Adams. 1800-1824 Democratic-Republican control of government Expansion of new states Era of "Good Feelings"...
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