1307 Syllabus - Fall 2010 - PERSONAL FINANCE FIN 1307...

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FIN 1307 Instructor: H. Swint Friday, Ph.D., CFP Phone: (361) 825-2498 Email: swint.friday@tamucc.edu Assistant: Chaitanya Chinthireddy Email: cchinthireddy@tamucc.edu / Chaitanya.Chinthireddy@tamucc.edu Office: Driftwood 201c Office Hours: TR: 10:30-11:00am & 1:45–3:00pm; W: 1:00-2:30pm; R: 6:15–7:00pm & 9:30–9:45 pm or by appointment Required materials: 1. Personal Financial Planning, 11 th Edition by Gitman and Joehnk http://www.swcollege.com/finance/gitman/personal11e/gitman.html 2. Study Guide 3. Financial Calculator 4. Internet Access Prerequisites: None Course Description: Personal Finance covers the foundations of financial planning, managing basic assets, managing credit, managing insurance needs, managing investments, and retirement and estate planning. Learning Objectives: By the end of this course, the students will be able to: 1. Students will understand the financial planning process 2. Students will know the primary financial institutions related to personal financial issues 3. Students will be able to prepare and interpret personal financial statements for financial planning purposes 4. Students will know how to utilize the different personal insurance products in their financial plan 5. Students will understand how to utilize different investment products including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds in their financial plan 6. Students will understand the importance of estate planning and strategies that should be incorporated in their financial plan Relationship to Other Coursework: This course is designed for business as wells as non-business majors to give them a basic understanding of the aspects of personal financial planning. Instructional Methodologies: Instructional techniques include lectures, student presentations, invited lectures, videotape, computer applications, class discussion, real-time securities trading, and use of electronic databases. Performance Evaluation, Grading and Course Policies: Three exams will be given. Test materials will come from lecture notes, the text, assigned readings, homework assignments, and class discussion. Test format is multiple choice, multi-part problem solving, and discussion. Questions will emphasize understanding and application of concepts and topics covered.
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1307 Syllabus - Fall 2010 - PERSONAL FINANCE FIN 1307...

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