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Interview Assignment , Fall, 2010. PHIL 3340:108 / 3340:115 Instructor: Lois Huff This assignment requires: A fifteen to thirty minute interview. A two to seven minute presentation. A two-to-five pages typed paper analyzing your interview experience, including use of two theories covered in lecture, and a minimum of three references (course textbook, the interview, and one other source). Students (interviewers) select an interviewee, schedule an interview, and prepare an Interview Guide (see details below). Students then conduct the interview, write a paper and present their findings to the class. Students are encouraged to discuss their topic with the instructor prior to starting on the project. This assignment, using information from Interviewing: principles and practices-10th ed. by Charles J. Stewart and William B. Cash, Jr. (Mc Graw-Hill, New York, NY, 2003), is designed to give students an opportunity to conduct a real life, non-role-playing interview to learn about and share actual business-based ethical situations. Select interviewee and schedule your interview.
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