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Exam function: 1. 10 multiple choice question 2. Around 6 minimum definition 3. 1 Essay Chapter 4. Religious Ethics Monotheistic Divine Command Natural Law All-powerful _ Omnipotent All-knowing _ Omniscient All-loving _ Omnibenevolent 1. God creator 2. Commune/Speak with Lord (prayer) 3. Universe purpose, so do our lives 4. Code of conduct Holy rules from God Atheists: Deny existence of God Agnostics: Not sure about existence of God Problem of evils? If God is omni-etc, then why does evil exist? Perfect world Fallen world (Natural evils) Humans have free will First order of socialization: Family, culture Fallacy: Appeal to popularity Who decides right and wrong? God, holy texts, prophets, etc “Turn of Burn!” LK … Fallacy: Appeal to Fear What if God commands change? 1. God doesn’t command evil! Problems (Euthyphro): God observes Good/Bad things, then he makes the rules: do good things, and don’t do bad things It falls down to
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Unformatted text preview: Non-Theists of Natural Law The Divine Command is whatever God said is good by default, and bad is what God doesnt say Not reasoned Gods command is arbitrary (mysterious) Not impartial because there is a multiplicity of religion Which one is right? Who decides right & wrong? Theists Religious (Gods intended function /order/purpose) Non-Theists Non-religious Argue that there are ordered rules to the universe, observed by science Unnatural = bad Reason guides Function What is natural? Intended function (Potential) Aristotle Telos (Point to potential) Telos of an acorn? Oak tree Telos of human? Its hard to decide what is the answer because we dont know the intended function of us Some things unnatural, but they arent immoral (bad) (like you wear pants, use mouth to communicate/whistle, etc) Why are any unnatural things immoral?...
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