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Tutor _ Chapter 7. Utilitarian - at the good generally not...

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Chapter 7. Utilitarianism – Emotion/Sentiment (Pain + Pleasure Minimize Pain & Maximize Pleasure) Founders: Bentham + Mills (James) – Religions appeal (Benthams thinks that the Good Christian will support the maximize the pleasure). Happiness = good. o Maximize: Happiness / Pleasure o Minimize: Pain / Suffering Contemporary (Modern): Sidgwick + Singer o David Hume (1711-1776) founded ethics on subjective feeling/sentiment o Jeremy Bentham (1748-1842) o John Stuart Mill o Henry Sidgwick Develop the view in the way very important: We should aim
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Unformatted text preview: at the good generally, not at any part of it (For ex: If we help the cat stuck out of the trees for a few times good. But one time, the cat scratch you, and the cat’s owner said that: “Leave him on the tree, he happy there” o Peter Singer famous for animal rights protection Happiness Pain Total A 40 10 30 Aggregate + B 10 40 30 Aggregate -C 40 40 • Peeping Tom: Peeping Tom look at a woman in shower • Common Sense Morality o Conflict • Short term vs. long term aggregate...
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