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PSYC 2301.003: General Psychology Fall 2010 Instructor : Steve Seidel, Ph.D. E-mail : Phone : 825-2619 Class Location : ST 106 Office : Bay Hall 314 Class Time : W 7 – 9:30 pm Office Hours : MW 10am - 12 noon and by appointment Course Description General Psychology provides an overview to the fundamental areas and concepts in Psychology. Topics include methods of psychology, biological processes, learning and memory, personality and abnormal psychology, and social psychology. Student Learning Outcomes Learning outcomes for this course will include the students’ ability to Describe psychological theories, principles and concepts relevant to the following topics: history and methods, biological bases of behavior, cognition, social behavior, personality, and psychopathology. Apply basic psychological principles to current events and daily human experience. Understand the ways that psychological phenomena influence health. Understand the scientific principles that underlie psychological research. Assessment will be accomplished through in class exams. Course Requirements Textbook: Schacter, D.L, Gilbert, D.T., and Wegner, D.M. (2011 ). Introducing Psychology. New York: Worth Publishers. ISBN-10: 1-4292-4659-6 Exams: You will take three multiple-choice exams during the semester. The exams will cover material that is presented in the lectures or covered in the assigned readings. In addition to the three required exams, there will also be an optional comprehensive final exam on the assigned final exam date. You may choose to take the final exam to replace your lowest exam performance. It cannot hurt you to take the final, if you do worse on the final than your lowest exam score, your grades will remain as they were as if you had not taken the final . If you miss an exam for any reason, you must take the final exam to replace the missed exam grade; there will be no make-up exams. Attendance Quizzes: During the semester, there will be 12 days in which I will give
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attendance quizzes. For these quizzes, I will distribute a slip of paper in which you will print your name and date of the class. I will ask you question pertaining to the class that day and you will write your answer on this slip of paper. We will discuss student answers in class and I will collect these slips of paper following the class. You can miss 2 attendance quizzes without penalty.
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Syllabus - PSYC 2301.003: General Psychology Fall 2010...

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