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S TUDY G UIDE : “T HE P OLITICS OF R ECONSTRUCTION Using this study guide The following document has all of the terms, quotes, lists, and ideas contained in the most recent powerpoint presentation (note: I change these frequently so some variations may exist). As a result, you should not feel that you need to copy any of this information while in class. The following questions are addressed in this section of the lecture. You should be able to answer these questions by the end of this section. If you can’t, see me during my office hours or talk with your seminar leader: What are the three political stages of reconstruction and what makes them different? What was actually settled by the Civil War? What was not? What were Lincoln’s, the Radical Republicans’, and Johnson’s view of a Reconstructed South? Why was the concept of confiscation so critical to Radical Republicans? The following are sample essay questions used on previous exams dealing with this topic. The essay question used on your upcoming exam will look quite a bit (maybe exactly) like these: Describe, using specific examples, the politics and policies surrounding the three broad phases of Reconstruction. What were the goals of freedmen, Northerners, and white Southerners during each of these stages? In the end, was the South “reconstructed” (be sure and justify your answer)? In class I used the phrase “one kind of freedom” to describe the politics of Reconstruction. Using specific examples, what were these new freedoms? Why did they not succeed during the era? Terms for “The Politics of Reconstruction” Reconstruction William Dunning School -> Important Birth of a Nation (1915) Wartime / Presidential Reconstruction Radical / Congressional Reconstruction Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction (1863) Andrew Johnson Black Codes 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments Thaddeus Stevens Confiscation Freedman’s Bureau Civil Rights Act of 1866 1
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1st Reconstruction Act Impeachment General Lecture Outline: I. Politics of Reconstruction a. Aftermath of the War b. Possible responses at the end of war c. Problem of Historical Bias – Racism II. Three Phases of Political Reconstruction a. Wartime/Presidential Reconstruction i. Lincoln ii. Johnson b. Radical/Congressional Reconstruction i. Stevens ii. 13-14-15 th Amendments iii. Confiscation c. Redemption/Southern Reconstruction III. Conclusions to Politics of Reconstruction PowerPoint Slides: The Human Cost of the War: PowerPoint Physical Damage of War: Sevena is completely destroyed, personal destruction -> shocking… Lincoln says smth about it, … The most sig. history -> US history A Series of Shocking Events What would the short-term course of action be as Americans adjust to the end of the Civil War? African-Americans had ample incentive and the means to seek reprisals against their
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010 Recon #1 Study Guide - STUDY GUIDE"THE POLITICS OF...

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