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S TUDY G UIDE : “T HE E CONOMICS OF R ECONSTRUCTION AND THE R ISE OF THE N EW S OUTH Using this study guide The following document has all of the terms, quotes, lists, and ideas contained in the most recent powerpoint presentation (note: I change these frequently so some variations may exist). As a result, you should not feel that you need to copy any of this information while in class. The following questions are addressed in this section of the lecture. You should be able to answer these questions by the end of this section. If you can’t, see me during my office hours or talk with your seminar leader: What options existed for southern elites to retain their supply of labor? What were the goals of the freedmen, northern capitalists, and southern land owners during the various stages of reconstruction? Who most succeeded and failed at achieving their goals? The following are sample essay questions used on previous exams dealing with this topic. The essay question used on your upcoming exam will look quite a bit (maybe exactly) like these: The years from 1865 to 1900 were particularly difficult for non-whites and ethnic groups. Select one population (Freedmen, Native-Americans, or Immigrants) and discuss the goals and their efforts to try to achieve these goals during the era. What prevented this group from achieving equality? What was the role of the Federal government in either supporting or undermining these aims? For all of these groups (collectively), were race and ethnic differences more or less important than their economic condition? Terms for “Reconstruction and the Rise of the New South” Black Codes Union Leagues Ku Klux Klan KKK Act (1871) Slaughter-House cases Compromise of 1877 The “New South” Share-Cropping Crop Lien System “Debt Peonage” Planter/Merchants Lecture Outline: 1
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I. “Southern Reconstruction”
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