065 Exam #1 Study Guide - STUDY GUIDE EXAM#1 Exam#1ID/Short...

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S TUDY G UIDE : E XAM #1 Exam #1ID/Short Answer (40% of exam grade, 10 points each): Use the following terms to prepare for the first hour exam. Remember that full credit for the ID/Short Answer comes from correctly describing the person or event (one third of the points awarded) and then giving the historical significance of that term (two thirds). You can expect to have eight of these terms to select from on the exam. You will need to answer four of these. The graders are instructed to grade only the first four responses, so do not answer any more than four. The William Dunning School Black Codes Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction Andrew Johnson 14th Amendment Thaddeus Stevens Confiscation Freedman's Bureau Union Leagues Ku Klux Klan "Share Cropping" Crop Lien System Frederick Jackson Turner George Armstrong Custer Little Big Horn (1876) Dawes Severalty Act (1887) Ghost Dances Wounded Knee (1890) Multiplier Effect John D. Rockefeller Trusts Social Darwinism Booker T. Washington Knights of Labor (1869) Haymarket Riot (1886) Samuel Gompers A.F. of L. The "Spoils System" William McKinley "Free Silver" Coinage Act of 1873 Interstate Commerce Act (1887) Populism Producerism William Jennings Bryan The Farmers' Alliance Federal Subtreasury Plan The Omaha Platform The "Cross of Gold" Speech The Wizard of Oz The Election of 1896 1
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EXAMPLE: To earn full credit for the IDs, you will need to provide a general description and a significant aspect of the term (that is, why is it important to U.S. history). It may help to use the
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065 Exam #1 Study Guide - STUDY GUIDE EXAM#1 Exam#1ID/Short...

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