080 Nativism, Race, and Prog Foreign Policy Study Guide

080 Nativism, Race, and Prog Foreign Policy Study Guide -...

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S TUDY G UIDE : “N ATIVISM , J IM C ROW , AND A MERICAN F OREIGN P OLICY IN THE P ROGRESSIVE E RA Using this study guide The following document has all of the terms, quotes, lists, and ideas contained in the most recent powerpoint presentation (note: I change these frequently so some variations may exist). As a result, you should not feel that you need to copy any of this information while in class. The following questions are addressed in this section of the lecture. You should be able to answer these questions by the end of this section. If you can’t, see me during my office hours or talk with your seminar leader: Questions Addressed in the Lectures that will help you to prepare for the exam: What is nativism? Is this a concept of the Republican Party? How are the ideas of “race” and ethnicity addressed by progressives? How can science be used to justify such beliefs? Using examples from prohibition, Scopes, Sacco & Venzetti, and/or the new KKK, how was nativism expressed during the era? What connection did the NAACP and people like DuBois have to the growth of nativism? Was Plessy v. Ferguson and accidental legal case? Who won and what did this case say? In class I discussed the “tragedy” of American diplomacy. What is this? How does it affect American expansion during the Progressive Era? How do the examples of Hawaii, Cuba, and the Philippines fit into this thesis? How can Americans see such expansion as “good” ? Is this progressive? Do we seem to care about less developed countries? Do the American people believe they are exporting misery or democracy? Sample Exam Questions from Previous Exams: In class we discussed how racism and American imperialism were seen by many as logical, scientific, “progressive” policies. (i) Briefly describe the rationale used by Nativists to support this claim. (ii) Discuss one specific example from both racial and imperialist policies that (they believed) were justified as progressive. Why does the case of Plessy v. Ferguson arise during this era rather than right after the end of the Civil War? What was the NAACP founded and what did its leaders hope to accomplish? Selected Terms for Nativism and Jim Crow “Nativism and Jim Crow” Nativism Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) “New Immigrants” Immig. Restriction Leagues 1
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Prohibition (1919) Immigration Laws (1921, 1924) Scopes Monkey Trial (1925) Ida B. Wells Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896 W. E. B. DuBois Marcus Garvey General Lecture Outline “Race and Nativism”: I. “Race” as a Historical Topic II. “Race” and Nativism as Political Topics III. Progressive Racism/Nativism a. Prohibition b. Immigration Reform c. Scopes Monkey Trial d. e. Revival of KKK IV. Revival of Civil Rights Movement a. Leadership: Booker v. W. E. B. DuBois b. Jim Crow Laws V. Conclusions to Nativism and Jim Crow Powerpoint Notes: What is “Race?” Scientifically meaningless
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080 Nativism, Race, and Prog Foreign Policy Study Guide -...

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