085 Modern Popular Culture Study Guide

085 Modern Popular Culture Study Guide - STUDY GUIDE"MODERN...

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S TUDY G UIDE : “M ODERN P OPULAR C ULTURE Using this study guide The following document has all of the terms, quotes, lists, and ideas contained in the most recent powerpoint presentation (note: I change these frequently so some variations may exist). As a result, you should not feel that you need to copy any of this information while in class. The following questions are addressed in this section of the lecture. You should be able to answer these questions by the end of this section. If you can’t, see me during my office hours or talk with your seminar leader: Questions Addressed in the Lectures that will help you to prepare for the exam: What is mass culture? What can it tell us about itself? Is it an end to itself? Can culture change society or is it merely a reflection of society? What is the difference between High, Low, and Middle Brow Culture? What changes in the view of the city occurred as a result of popular culture? What conditions were needed to have a modern mass culture? What conditions were needed for cheap amusements? What role did women play? How did popular culture change in the realm of mass sports, entertainment, and shopping? How did these change our understanding of who "belonged" in public society? Sample Exam Questions from Previous Exams: Modern popular culture reshaped the way Americans defined themselves. (i) What were high and low brow culture? (ii) Using specific examples, define how the four characteristics of middle brow culture, or "cheap amusements," are different from the high/low culture that came before it? (iii) Give examples to show how middle brow culture changed the way Americans interacted with one another or how they better understood the modern world. PLEASE NOTE: THE MATERIAL CONTAINED IN THE FIRST SECTION TITLED “PRE- MODERN, MODERN, AND POST-MODERN AMERICA” IS NOT TESTED . THE SECOND SECTION, TITLED “MODERN POPULAR CULTURE” IS TESTED. Pre-Modern, Modern, and Post-Modern America What the heck is the difference and why should I care? Pre-Modern America (what we just got through talking about; the Gilded Age) “Modernity” means many things 1
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Adjusting to new economic realities (industrial capitalism) Adjusting to new state powers (federal aid to industry and support in fighting strikes) Adjusting to new values of work and social order Key shifts involve the role of the individual and mass society Pre-modern “America” really a set of “island communities” (little real connection to each other) Even the most compassionate of social reforms unlikely to succeed because of diffuse state of the union Modern America builds mass society So What is a “Modern” Society? A society that WELCOMES:
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085 Modern Popular Culture Study Guide - STUDY GUIDE"MODERN...

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