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S TUDY G UIDE : “T HE G REAT D EPRESSION AND N EW D EAL Using this study guide The following document has all of the terms, quotes, lists, and ideas contained in the most recent powerpoint presentation (note: I change these frequently so some variations may exist). As a result, you should not feel that you need to copy any of this information while in class. The following questions are addressed in this section of the lecture. You should be able to answer these questions by the end of this section. If you can’t, see me during my office hours or talk with your seminar leader: Questions Addressed in the Lectures that will help you to prepare for the exam: What caused the Great Depression? What made it Great? Why did Hoover seem the perfect President in 1928 and a complete incompetent by 1932? What did Hoover fail to see the severity of the Great Depression? Why was FDR so important to America's psychological recovery from the Great Depression? What were and what happened during the first 100 days? The second 100 days? Who were and what was the effect of more radical voices? Did the stock market crash cause the Great Depression? Did the New Deal end the Great Depression? Why are FDR and the New Deal so important then? Sample Exam Questions from Previous Exams: (i) Using specific examples, show how did the Great Depression destroyed most American's faith in industrial-capitalism (at least as it existed in 1929) (ii) How did the key policies of the New Deal try to address these doubts? (iii) Was the New Deal “new,” or were these policies developed before 1933 (be sure to indicate who first came up with these ideas, if not FDR and the New Dealers)? (i) Using specific examples, show why the Great Depression was “great” and how this destroyed most Americans's faith in industrial-capitalism (at least as it existed in 1929) (ii) What were some key policies of the New Deal, and how did they try to address these doubts? (iii) What role did Franklin Roosevelt play in helping Americans cope with the Great Depression? Selected Terms: The Great Depression Herbert Hoover “Voluntary Cooperation” Reconstruction Finance Corporation (1932) The New Deal (1933-1937) Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1
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AAA (1933) NIRA/NRA (1933) RFC (under FDR) Father Coughlin Huey Long “Share Our Wealth” Wagner Act (1935) Social Security Act (1935) General Lecture Outline: I. The “American Century” (Economic) a. Instabilities II. The Causes of the Great Depression a. Not the Stock Market Crash b. Consumer Issues c. Production Issues d. Governmental/Regulatory Issues e. The “New Deal” is a direct response to all three of these “issues” III. Herbert Hoover a. Bio and Response to Great Depression b. Problems with HH Response c. Banking Crisis d. The Bonus Army: Important for the TONE it sets for reform IV. Why is this a “Great” Depression? a.
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