105 Exam#2 Study Guide - Exam#2 Review ID Please use the...

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Exam #2 Review ID: Please use the following terms to prepare for the second hour exam. Remember that full credit for the I.D. comes from correctly describing the person or event (one third of the points awarded) and then giving the historical significance of that term ( two thirds ). You can expect to have eight terms to select from on the exam. There will be no “partial credit” for terms incorrectly identified. Progressivism Triangle Shirtwaist Fire (1911) Social (Gospel) Progressives National Progressives Corporate Liberal Progressives Jane Addams Settlement Houses Theodore Roosevelt 1901 Anthracite Coal Strike Woodrow Wilson Clayton Act (1914) Welfare Capitalism Imperialism Alfred Thayer Mahan Spanish-American War (1898) Platt Amendment (1901) Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty (1903) “Roosevelt Corollary” Nativism Immigration Restrictive Leagues “Jim Crow” Laws Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896 W.E.B. DuBois NAACP (1910) “The Great Depression” Herbert Hoover Franklin Delano Roosevelt AAA (1933) NIRA/NRA (1933) Reconstruction Finance Corporation (1932) Wagner Act (1935) Social Security Act (1935) The “Good War” Fascism culture role + identity … when Hitler come to power, he slowly start to demolish … freedom, culture freedom. Go so far to outlaw any … party -> create the system that people go for but they … Adolf Hitler we need living space for german people -> 1 of the motive to building the military -> the idea concentrate around him -> order of Hitler(Hitler justification to moving to the
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surround area of German and agreesively taking the space-> we need reunite all of the german) -> both of them require germany to expand. Hitler is anti communist-> who oppose communist, follow me. He got friend with Communist: I am not gonna fight you, you not gonna fight me. -> will not worry about the western front, just fighting on the eastern front
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105 Exam#2 Study Guide - Exam#2 Review ID Please use the...

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