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Ch 4. Geologic Time - Ch 4 Geologic Time Concepts and...

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Ch. 4: Geologic Time: Concepts and Principles Key words - Relative Dating - Absolute Dating - Neptunism, Catastrophism, and Uniformitarianism - Radioactive Decay and Half-Lives - Dating Methods Relative Dating Places geologic events in sequential order Relative geologic time scale Fundamental Principles (Steno, Hutton): - Superposition The oldest rocks are always on the bottom, and the youngest rock are always on  top of that C                               Youngest B                                Medium A                               Oldest      - Original horizontality The sedimental rock is place horizontal - Lateral continuity - Cross-cutting relationships - Inclusions 1 ---- ---- ---- ----
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- Fossil succession Absolute Dating Specific dates for rock units or events (years before present) Radiometric dating
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