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GEOL LAB PRESENTATION Objective: Give a 10 minute presentation on your time period to the class Presentation format: You may use P owerPoint or any visuals in adddition to your paleo-globe Your presentation will be graded on the following criteria: 1. DISPLAY/APPEARANCE OF PALEO-GLOBE (10 points per person) a. Plaster used? _ 1 points b. Neatly painted and displayed? _ 2 points c. Continent locations correctly displayed? _ 3 points d. Continental features there (mountains, oceans, basins) _ 2 points e. Continents/land masses/oceans correctly/neatly labeled?
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Unformatted text preview: _ 2 points 2. DISCUSS TIME PERIOD (10 POINTS PER PERSON) a. Duration of time period _ 1 point b. Tectonics – What’s going on? _ 2 points c. Where is Texas relative to the orientation of the continents? _ 1 point d. Names of any land masses/super-continents, if applicable? _ 1 point e. Discuss all the important events that happen during your time period _ 5 points e.i. (First appearances, ice ages, extinctions, important organisms etc.) e.ii. How would the tectonics have affected these events?...
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