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Chapter 2. Earth Materials- Minerals and Rock Cube_very common shape (have room) (Common ferromagnesian silicates) (a) Olevian_ colorfullike beer bottle (b) Sheet mineral (c) … -> They are relative dark in color. (NonCommon ferromagnesian silicates) _ White Rock Cycle _ Thomson-Brook/cores Igneous rock form by crystallization by Magma (inside Earth) or by Lava. Texture: aphanitic(small), phaneritic(larger), porphyritic, glassy, vesicular(: gas,…barbecuing),
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Unformatted text preview: pyroclastic(rock in fragments). The slower the cooling, the larger the crystal it-> aphanitic: extrusive rocks, phaneritic: intrusive rocks. Composition: (felsic > 65%. Igneous Rock textures: brooks/core. Classification of igneous rocks: Aphanitic: Rhyolite -> Andesite -> Basalt Phaneritic: Granite -> Diorite -> Gabbro -> Peridotite...
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  • Geology, Ferromagnesian silicates, Earth Materials- Minerals and Rock, Thomson-Brook/cores Igneous rock, Common ferromagnesian silicates, NonCommon ferromagnesian silicates

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