Lecture Ch.15 Meso Life STUDENTS

Lecture Ch.15 Meso Life STUDENTS - Ch. 15: Life of the...

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Ch. 15: Life of the Mesozoic Era Key Words - Mesozoic invertebrates,  phytoplankton, fish,  amphibians, reptiles!  (dinosaurs!), mammals - First birds - Mesozoic plants (flowers!) - Cretaceous mass extinction Summary - Mesozoic: “Age of _______________” o Dinosaurs (by Late Triassic) o Flying reptiles o Marine reptiles o _______________ evolved from reptiles (Triassic) o _______________ evolved from reptiles (Jurassic) - ________________ plants evolved during Cretaceous Marine Invertebrates and Phytoplankton - Repopulation of seas after Permian mass extinction o Low diversity Early Triassic, high by Late Triassic o Complex fauna (reflects geography) - Increased abundance and diversity of __________________ organisms  (predators) - _______________________: o Near extinction End Permian o Minor importance today o Bivalves took over their ecologic niche - Mollusks o ______________________,________________,______________ ____ o Most important invert group of Mesozoic oceans o Rapid evolution, nektonic: great index fossils o Cephalopods: Order Ammonoidea Goniatites Ceratites Ammonites (Jurassic, Cretaceous!!, extinct  1
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Cretaceous)) Order Nautiloidea and Coleoidea Made it into Cenozoic o Oysters, clams! Epifaunal suspension feeders o Rudists Reef builders (displaced corals) Bivalves Guide fossils Late Jurassic and Cretaceous - _____________________ corals - __________________ (sea urchins, sanddollars) o Epifaunal during Paleozoic, + infaunal during Mesozoic - Phytoplankton o Coccolithophores (Jurassic-today) o Diatoms (Cretaceous-today) o Dinoflagellates (>> Jurassic-today) - Zooplankton: o Foraminifera (Jurassic-present) Planktonic and benthic groups Planktonic: excellent guide fossils for Cretaceous Fish and Amphibians - Increased abundance: cartilaginous fish (e.g. sharks) - Decrease: lungfish, crossopterygians - Most important: _______________ fish
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Lecture Ch.15 Meso Life STUDENTS - Ch. 15: Life of the...

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