LectureCh.10 Early Paleozoic STUDENTS

LectureCh.10 Early Paleozoic STUDENTS - Ch 10 Early...

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Ch. 10: Early Paleozoic Earth History Key Words - Cratonic sequences - Epeiric seas - Transgressions- Regressions - Mobile Belts - Caledonian Orogeny - Taconic Orogeny - Laurasia _______________________________________________________ ______ Phanerozoic Eon: Paleozoic Era , Mesozoic Era, Cenozoic Era Paleozoic Era: Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian,  Mississippian, Pennsylvanian, Permian Periods __542 – 251__ m.y. before present History of the Continents - Major mountain-building along margins - Numerous shallow-water transgressions and regressions over  interiors o Global sea level changes << Main CauseL Glacial Ice >> Causes: Plate activity and Glaciation Cratons and Mobile Belts - Archean: Continental accretion -> sizable Continents - Late Proterozoic: at least 3 large continents - Latest Proterozoic: large super continent (pannotio) starts  breaking apart - Beginning of Paleozoic: 6 major continents 1
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- Each continent: 2 major components o __Craton__ : stable, immobile part (shield and platform) Deposition of Phanerozoic rocks onto cratons __Epeiric Sea__ : widespread shallow seas that  transgressed and regressed over craton o __Mobile belt__ : elongated area of mountain-building  activity, deposition of sediments Along margins of continents Convergent plate boundaries Surrounding N-American craton during Paleozoic: 4  mobile belts Franklin Cordilleran Ouachita Appalachian Paleozoic Paleogeography - Based primarily on: structural relationship, climate sensitive, 
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LectureCh.10 Early Paleozoic STUDENTS - Ch 10 Early...

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