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LectureCh.11 Late Paleozoic STUDENTS

LectureCh.11 Late Paleozoic STUDENTS - Ch 11 Late Paleozoic...

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Ch. 11: Late Paleozoic Earth History Key Words - Kaskaskia Sequence - Absaroka Sequence - Caledonian, Acadian, Hercynian, Alleghenian orogenies - Pangaea - Cyclothems - < Cyclothems - Catskill Delta Clastic Wedge - Panthalassa - Acadian Orogeny> _________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________ Late Paleozoic Paleogeography - Continental collisions  - Mountain building - Fluctuating sea levels - Varied climates (  coals, evaporates, tillites) - Gondwana: glacial-interglacial episodes (over S-pole during Late Mississippian to  Early Permian) - End Paleozoic: Pangaea o Arid and semiarid climate The Devonian Period - Silurian: Laurentia and Baltica collide    __Laurasia__ o __Caledonian__ orogeny o Closed northern Iapetus Ocean - Devonian: Southern Iapetus Ocean narrows between Laurasia and Gondwana - __Acadian__ orogeny o Eastern margin of Laurasia o Erosion of highlands Reddish fluvial sediments (__Old Red Sandstone__,__Catskill  Delta__) - __Antler__ orogeny  (Cordilleran) - _Ellesmere_ orogeny  (northern margin of Laurentia   collision with Siberia) - Uniform global climate (reefs, evaporates, red beds, similar floras) The Carboniferous Period - Southern Gondwana moves over S-pole (  glaciation) 1
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