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I = 199.97 angle 0 o V = 119.5 angle +60 o c. if the current is the reference, it is at zero degrees and the voltage will be leading by the angle between them I = 199.97 angle -60 o V = 119.5 angle 0 o b. if the voltage is the reference phasor then it is at zero degrees The current is lagging the voltage by the difference in their angles--from part a. above, it is clear that the angle between the voltage and current is 60 o I = 199.97 angle -30 o V = 119.5 angle +30 o a. Using sin(377t) as the reference, the voltage is leading the reference and the current is
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Unformatted text preview: lagging the reference π /6 is 30 o Phasors always use the RMS of the quantity, so I rms 199.97A = V rms 119.501V = I rms I pk 2 = V rms V pk 2 = Thus the RMS values are found by dividing the peak by the square root of two I pk 282.8 A ⋅ = V pk 169 V ⋅ = From the given information: I 282.8 sin 377t π 6- ⋅ = V 169 sin 377t π 6 + ⋅ = Problem 2-1: Solution for homework...
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