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Preparing yourself for the lab final This is not an exclusive list! Be sure you can apply knowledge from the following topics: 1) Rock descriptions: you will not have to I.D. specimen but will have to be able to describe the basic rocks we studied (lab 1) a. Intrusive b. Felsic c. Chemical 1. Talc 2. Gypsum 2.2 Finger Nail 3. Calcite 4. Fluorite 5. G 5.5 Steelnail 6. D 7. Quazt 8. F 9. G 10. Diamond 2) Working with maps depicting plate boundaries (lab 2) 3) Reconstruction of the geologic history of an area using a geologic cross-section
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Unformatted text preview: (lab 3) 4) Calculation of absolute ages of rocks (lab 4) 5) I.D. fossils based on pictures and being able to give the time during which these organisms were particularly important (labs 6-8) 6) The time period you presented to your lab group (labs 9,10) 7) Working with a geologic map (lab 11) 8) Interpretation of graphs related to global warming (lab 12) The TA’s will post some of the lab power point files. Be sure to look for them on WEB CT....
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