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Quiz 1) ALFRED Wegener reconstructed a supercontinent that had formed by the end of (250 million years ago) -> Pangaea 2) Subduction happen-> Convergent 3) Driving mechanism of plate movement: -> Thermal convection cells 4) Convergent plate boundaries are zones where: two plates come together 5) San Andres -> Transform 6) East African rift -> Divergent 7) Region near Redoubt Volcano, Alaska experienced an earthquake 2 days ago -> located
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Unformatted text preview: along a ocean0continent convergent plate boundary 8) If the continents where once joined together, rocks and mountain ranges on the margin of each -> should all of the above 9) The type of plate boundaries where only have mountain chance without the active of volcanism is type of -> the crests of mid-ocean ridges 10)...
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