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Q 3.02kVAR = Q Im S ( ) = Reactive Power: P 4.477kW = P Re S ( ) = Real Power: S 5.4 kVA = Apparent power = magnitude of S: S 4.477 3.02j + kVA = Complex power = Voltage time conjugate of current S V I = b. Since the voltage and current are known, we can find the real, reactive, and apparent powers using the complex power formula: arg Z ( ) 34deg = Z 2.667 = Polar form: Z 2.211 1.491j + = rectangular form: Z V I = I 45 e j - 8 deg A = V 120 e j 26 deg V = a.
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Unformatted text preview: numbers. The voltage and current can be written as complex numbers: kVAR kW kVA kW Define Solution P2-7. A single-phase load has a voltage of 120 p 26 o volts and a current of 45 p-8 o amps. (a) Calculate the impedance of the load (b) Calculate the apparent power, real power, reactive power, and power factor....
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