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Q 3ph 314.073kVAR = Q 3ph S 3ph 2 P 3ph 2 - = The reactive power can be found from the triangle formula P 3ph 648.48kW = P 3ph S 3ph F p = We can find the real power: F p 0.9 = Given the power factor b. S 3ph 720.533 kVA = S 3ph 3 V L I L = a. Solution V L 4.16 kV = I L 100 A = kVAR kW kVA kW define P2-19. Figure 2-29 shows a three-phase source and load.
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Unformatted text preview: The current shown in the figure is 100 Amps and the voltage is 4.16 KV. a. What is the apparent power delivered to the load? b. If the power factor is 0.9 lagging, find the real power and the reactive power delivered to the load....
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