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Mathcad - 02-20 - define P2-20 Six identical impedances of...

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I ph 9.6A = and the magnitude is: I ph 8.837 3.751i - A = I ph V ph Z = For the delta system, the phase current is I phY 5.543A = and the magnitude is: I phY 5.102 2.166i - A = I phY V phY Z = For the wye system, the phase current is Z 50 e j 23 deg = b. V phY 277.128V = V phY V L 3 = For the wye system V ph 480V = V ph V L = a. For the delta system Solution V L 480 V = kVAR kW kVA kW
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Unformatted text preview: define P2-20. Six identical impedances of 50 p 23 o Ω are used as three-phase loads on a 480 volt, 3-phase system. One load is Delta and one is Wye. (a) What is the phase voltage (magnitude) for each system? (b) What is the phase current (magnitude) for each system?...
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