How to Make Great Fliers for your TYG

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How To Make Great Fliers For Your TYG Fliers are the most important way that you reach potential members. If the flier doesn’t get the potential NFTYite excited about NFTY, they’ll never come to an event. General Tips: ¾ Use a computer! Neatness counts. ¾ Use creative fonts and borders. No one likes to see the same old message in Times New Roman . ¾ Use bright paper. This will make your awesome flier stand out from other, boring mail. ¾ Explain terms like “NFTY” and “TYG.” While you understand NFTY-speak, your potential members may not. Information You Must Include: ± WHO ¾ Who is sponsoring the event? ¾ Who is invited to the event? (is the event open to the entire TYG or for a specific grade of students, are other TYG’s invited?) ± WHAT ¾ what is the event going to be? ± WHERE ¾ clearly identify location and include directions if it is not the Temple ± WHEN ¾
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Unformatted text preview: date AND time (be sure to always indicate when the event begins and when it ends) HOW MUCH clearly identify the cost of the event and if there is a price break for members if there is not a cost for the event, make sure to include that as well REQUIRED DRESS be sure to indicate if certain dress is required, ie: bathing suit, Shabbat clothes, etc. NEED TO BRING Indicate when appropriate, ie: pool toys, canned food for a charity, etc. RSVP INFORMATION deadlines and addresses for returning event registration form and payment CONTACT INFORMATION Who and how can the participants contact for more information? REGISTRATION FORM which asks for name, phone number, email and grade of the participant, NFTY Code of Conduct along with a disclaimer releasing the synagogue from any liability with space for a parent/guardian signature....
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