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The exciting current is non-sinusoidal, because the applied voltage is sinusoidal. Faraday's Law is a linear relationship between voltage and flux, so applying a sinusoidal voltage yields a sinusoidal flux. The B-H curve has the same shape as a Flux vs current curve. It is nonlinear, so if the flux is sinusoidal, then the current can't be. I 0 0.069 amp = I 0 0.02 I prated = The exciting current is 2% of rated primary current, so:
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Unformatted text preview: I s2rated 208.333amp = I s1rated 104.167amp = I s2rated S V s2 = I s1rated S V s1 = at 120 volts: at 240 volts: Rated secondary current will depend on the voltage: I prated 3.472amp = I prated S V prated = Rated primary current is given by: a 30 = a V prated V s1 = V s2 120 volt = V s1 240 volt = V prated 7200 volt = Problem 5-1 Solution: 25 KVA, 7200--120/240 volt transformer...
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