Ch9 - CH 9 The Texas Administration I ELECTED EXECUTIVES a...

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CH. 9 The Texas Administration I. ELECTED EXECUTIVES a. Effort to decentralize administration power 1. Attorney General a. 4 year term, unlimited terms b. Lawyer for all officials, boards and agencies in state government c. 2 major functions of the Attorney General 1. Give an Attorney General’s opinion 2. Represent the state and its government in civil and criminal litigation 2. Comptroller of Public Affairs a. 4 year term, unlimited terms b. the functions of this office either directly or indirectly effects the financial activities of the state government c. Most important duty is to certify the state’s approximate biennial revenue 3. Commissioner of the General Land office a. 4year term b. Duties are managing and collecting rentals and leases for sate-owned lands; awarding oil, gas, sulfur and other hard material 4. Commissioner of Agriculture a. 4 year term b. Duties range from checking the accuracy of scales in meat markets and gas pumps to determining labeling procedures for pesticides and promoting Texas agricultural products in national and world markets 5. Lieutenant Governor a. A source of executive power in the legislative branch. II. APPOINTED EXECUTIVES 1. Secretary of State a. Appointed by the governor b. Serves at the pleasure of the governor c. Keeper of the Seal of the State d. Serves as the chief election officer for Texas, administers Texas’s elections laws, maintains voter registration records, & receives election results e. Also serves as a repository for official, business, & commercial records filed with the office f. Publishes government rules & regulations & commissions notaries public 2. Adjutant General a. Appointed by the governor for a 2-yr term b. The state’s top-ranking military officer & exercises administrative jurisdiction over the Texas National Guard & Texas State Guard
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CH. 9 c. Under direct control of the governor 3. a. Appointed by the governor b. Heads the Consolidated Texas Health & Human Service System – a super-agency that oversees and manages 4 major health and welfare departments 4. Insurance Commissioner a. appointed by the governor for a 2 yr term b. monitors and regulates the Texas insurance industry c. provides consumer information, monitors corporate solvency, persecutes violators of insurance law, licenses agents and investigates
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Ch9 - CH 9 The Texas Administration I ELECTED EXECUTIVES a...

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