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Problem 5-6 Solution: Three-phase transformer bank rated 1000 KVA, 13.8 KV-208 V. There are five identical banks (but this information is irrelevant) Given: V s 208 volt = V p 13.8 kV = S 1000 kV amp = We want a delta-wye configuration so the high side of the transformers will be rated for line voltage and the low side for line to neutral voltage:
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Unformatted text preview: V prated V p = V srated V s 3 = V prated 13.8kV = V srated 120.089volt = Each transformer in the bank must carry one-third of the load, so each is rated: S rated S 3 = S rated 333.333kV amp ⋅ = 333.3 KVA is an available transformer size!...
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