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Mathcad - 05-08

Mathcad - 05-08 - I prated 12.547A = kVA kW kVAR kW ...

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P cu 1.5kW = P cu P sc = e. copper losses at rated current are essentially equal to the short circuit power P core 1.2kW = P core P oc = d. core losses at rated voltage are essentially equal to the open circuit power the high side exciting current I ocH 0.361A = I ocH I oc a = a 33.208 = a V prated V srated = c. The magnitude of the high side exciting current can be found from the open circuit test information. The OC test is done on the low side, but rated current flows. So all that is necessary is to refer the OC current to the high side by dividing by the turns ratio I srated 416.667A = I srated S rated V srated = b. Rated current on the low side can be calculated:
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Unformatted text preview: I prated 12.547A = kVA kW ≡ kVAR kW ≡ Problem 5-8: Solution S rated 100 kVA ⋅ = V prated 7.97 kV ⋅ = V srated 240 volt ⋅ = Voc 240 V ⋅ = I oc 12 A ⋅ = P oc 1200 W ⋅ = V sc 500 V ⋅ = I sc 12.5 A ⋅ = P sc 1500 W ⋅ = a. Rated current flows on the high side of the transformer during the short circuit test, thus I hrated I sc = I hrated 12.5A = alternatively, we can calculate the rated current by dividing rated power by rated voltage I prated S rated V prated =...
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