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X mp 24.262k = X mp a 2 X m = R fep 52.934k = R fep a 2 R fe = These values, however, are referred to the low side, so we must refer them to the high side X m 22.001 = X m V oc 2 Q oc = Q oc 2.618kVAR = Q oc S oc 2 P oc 2 - = S oc 2.88 kVA = S oc V oc I oc = We can find the magnetizing reactance in a similar fashion, but first we must find the reactive power during the open circuit test R fe 48 = R fe V oc 2 P oc = since P=V 2 R, we can solve for R The core loss resistance can be found using the open circuit test data.
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