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VR 1.173% = VR V nl V fl - V fl = Now we can solve for the voltage regulation: V nl 345kV = V nl V i a = The no-load voltage will be the input voltage referred to the secondary side, which is done by dividing by the turns ratio: V fl 341kV = V fl V o = The full load voltage is the output voltage, so V i 138 kV = V o 341 kV = We are given the output and the input voltage at full load:
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Unformatted text preview: a 0.4 = a V prated V srated = First find the turns ratio Solution V srated 345 kV = V prated 138 kV = S rated 500 MVA = Problem 5-17: MVA 1000 kW kVAR kW kVA kW...
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