POLS 2306 Review 3 Sp09 - position 10.What is the line of...

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POLS 2306 Test Review 3 EXAM IS OVER CHAPTERS 6, 7, 8, 9 IN THE Maxwell and Crain text 1. What is redistricting? Why is it conducted? What data is used? Who draws the district lines? 2. What is gerrymandering? What are the 2 techniques used? 3. What are the informal qualifications to run for a Texas legislative seat? 4. Who are the legislative presiding officers and what is their role? 5. What is a legislative limited session in Texas? Why is it problematic? 6. What are the 2 powers of the legislative presiding officers? How is their power reflected in the legislature? 7. What are the 7 procedural tools of leadership? What is the importance of each? Committee assignments Types of committees Committee jurisdiction Role of the calendar Bill assignments 8. What are the 4 institutional tools of leadership? What is the importance of each? 9. What were the effects of the Reconstruction era on the present-day governor’s
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Unformatted text preview: position? 10.What is the line of succession for the Texas governorship? 11.What are the formal or legal powers of the governor? What are the informal or extralegal powers of the governor? 12.What are the legislative tools of persuasion? Veto and pocket veto Item veto Threat of a veto Special sessions Pre-session bargaining 13.What are the executive tools of persuasion? Appointive powers Chief of State Budget powers Clemency powers 14. What are the 4 characteristics of bureaucracy? 15. What is the iron triangle and the iron Texas star? What role do they play? Who are the players? How does the bureaucracy contribute to policy making? 16.What is the role of: Attorney General of Texas; Comptroller of Public Accounts? 17.Who is the single executive who is responsible for the actions of the Texas burearcracy?...
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POLS 2306 Review 3 Sp09 - position 10.What is the line of...

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