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arg I s ( 29 30.003 - deg = The transformer delivers rated voltage so: V s V srated = The primary voltage, referred to the secondary side at full load, is calculated by adding the drop across the equivalent impedance (caused by the load current referred to the high side) to the secondary full load voltage after it has been referred to the high side a V prated V srated = V sref a V s = V sref 480V = I sref I s a = V p V sref I sref Z eqp + = V p 515.333 30.695j + V = V p 516.247V = arg V p ( 29 3.409deg = b. Rated current can be calculated from rated power and voltage I srated S rated
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Unformatted text preview: V srated = I srated 62.5A = c. The turns ratio was already found in part a: a 2 = kVA kW kVAR kW Problem 5-19: V prated 480 V = V srated 240 volt = S rated 15 kVA = Z eqp 0.305 j 0.885 + ( ) = F p 0.866 = lagging I L 100 A = Solution a. acos F p ( 29-= 30.003-deg = angle is negative since lagging F p The secondary load current is given in complex form by: I s I L e j = I s 86.6 50.004j-A = I s 100A =...
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